Our flagship product

Sustainable and Medically Active fatty acids!

Our leading products include nutritional bioactive fatty acids with benefits for health and metabolism. These can be used in functional foods and beverages formulations or as dietary supplements.

Our fatty acids are either novel ingredients or rare and difficult to extract from their natural sources. Using our technology, their production is now made possible in a sustainable and cost-competitive way.

Novel Active Ingredients with Health Benefits

Healthy fatty acids have benefits towards a variety of diseases

Fatty acids and fatty acid-derived products can have a variety of health benefits. Healthy fatty acids are usually unsaturated fatty acids, either monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. For example, fish oils contain omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential unsaturated fatty acids, necessary for a healthy diet.

What remains to be explored is a spectrum of rare fatty acids that are present in nature, but are economically out of reach using traditional production methods. Many of these novel fatty acids display potential health benefits, but are found in very low amounts in existing sources. As a result, they are usually not commercialized since they are difficult to source from nature in a commercial scale.

Our technology brings these ingredients within reach! By combining a fermentation process with uniquely engineered yeast species, we make it possible to source these rare fatty acids in a cost-competitive and scalable way. Better yet, they are produced in a fully sustainable manner and using purely plant biomass!

Focus Industries for our Fatty Acid Ingredients

Foods and Beverages



Flavours & Fragrances

Why Choose our Products?

Advantages of Biotechnology


Our bioprocess uses sustainable feedstocks and avoids supply chains with poor environmental and human-rights practices.​


Stable and scalable product supply, lower downstream-processing costs and lower transportation costs.


Production capacity can be adjusted in real-time according to market demands.


Our fatty acids are purely from microbial sources and produced through fermentation of plant biomass.

High Purity

Our yeast cells have a high content for difficult-to-source molecules, allowing for desired degrees of purity in the final product.

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