Healthy Ingredients
Through biotechnology, we provide a new source of rare bioactive fatty acids with unique health benefits. All this in a commercially-viable manner and through sustainable production.
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Sustainable Production
We provide solutions to unsustainable production of fatty acids. How? Our yeast-based bioprocess produces rare fatty acids from sustainable raw materials.
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Green Chemistry
Biology makes our chemistry happen. Our process is based on fermentation using yeast cells and natural sugars, reducing toxic waste and pollution from traditional chemical processes.
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Unlocking the Potential of Fatty Acids

High-value, bioactive and functional products

Fatty Acids and fatty acid-derived products are at the core of many industries. As such, from medically active food ingredients to personal care and cosmetics, these molecules integrate a variety of functions and uses. Despite this, sources of fatty acids are mostly plant-based, depending on their application, and some fatty acids are particularly difficult or costly to produce and extract in sustainable ways.

Fatty acids have applications in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Flavours and Fragrances, Personal Care, Lubricants, Agrochemicals, Chemicals and Fuels

At Biopetrolia, we develop unique microbes for sustainable production of specialty fatty acids. Through a purely biological process, we can produce active ingredients with health benefits from sustainably-sourced raw materials. If we compare it to traditional chemical processes, this means reducing toxic waste and by-products. In addition, we can replace existing sources of fatty acids by a completely different and independent production process.

We provide a new source of fatty acids

Why an Alternative to Fatty Acid Production?

High Demand

Provided by natural oils, fatty acids are essential in food, personal care and many other industries worldwide.

Sourcing of Fatty Acids is often associated with unsustainable practices

Unsustainable Practices

Currently, production of many fatty acids has either negative environmental impact or high associated costs.

Many benefitial fatty acids come from rare sources

Rare Sources

Many fatty acids with exciting properties are only scarcely found in rare plant sources. This makes their extraction and production difficult and not economically feasible.

"With our platform, we want to produce important fatty acid products that are either difficult to source or are currently sourced unsustainably"

Anastasia Krivoruchko, Co-founder & CEO

Our Solution: Yeast Biotechnology

Tackling Global Challenges

Fermentation is a biological process usually found all around us, its main spotlight being on the production of beer, wine and bioethanol. At the core of these traditional fermentation processes we find yeast cells: microbes whose purpose is to transform sugars into alcohol!

At Biopetrolia, we focus on bioengineering yeast cells. In other words, modifying the yeast we all know and giving it new purposes. After that, these cells are put to work on fermentation, but with a fundamental difference in outcome: instead of alcohol, our proprietary yeast can now produce rare and functional fatty acids, as well as products derived from fatty acids, with applications in different industries.

Bioengineered Yeast cells transofrm sugar feedstocks into high value products

With this technology, we can focus on producing fatty acids that are either difficult to find in nature, or whose traditional production is associated with unsustainable practices. In the end, this means a more sustainable, cost-competitive and scalable solution.

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We are currently looking for research scientists to work on metabolic engineering projects. Position summary: We are seeking bright and enthusiastic research scientists to work on developing yeast cell factories for production of fatty acid-based ingredients. Successful applicants will be…

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