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If you’re interested in a better way to produce your existing products, or want to develop new fatty acid-based ingredients, collaborate with us!

Partnership Fatty Acids

Better Solutions for Your Product

LEt's make it possible!

Interested in producing fatty-acid-based products through biotechnology?

Fatty acids produced through bioengineered yeast cells offer

  • Improved Sustainability
  • Better Prices
  • New Properties
We offer

Excellence in bioengineering of yeast and expertise in fatty acid-derived products.​

To bring your product to commercial readiness, we have

  • Libraries of High-Producer Strains
  • Libraries of fatty acid-modifying enzymes
  • The capacity to generate a multitude of novel products
  • You can use generated products and samples to screen for functional benefits

Our Technology is Compatible with the Following Industries

Foods and Beverages



Flavours & Fragrances

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